Department of Biology and Ecology provides a set of bachelor's and master's degrees in the following areas:



05.03.06 Ecology and Nature Management

06.03.01 Biology


05.04.06 Ecology and nature management

06.04.01 Biology


The main scientific directions of biology students studying in the specialty 06.03.01

Crystalloscopic studies of the sera of patients with a diagnosis of hepatitis virus of various types

Investigation of microbiological properties of avian bronchitis virus isolates

Assessment of the physiological usefulness and toxicity of bottled water, sold in the Vladimir region

Regularities of the long-term dynamics of morbidity in the population of southwestern Africa (the Republic of Angola)

Adaptation status of young people studying at a higher educational institution

Investigation of the effect of antibiotics and synthetic surfactants on the germination and productivity of agricultural plants

Purification and concentration of an aqueous extract of the mineral schungite for the treatment of biological fluids

Purification of blood serum of cattle with polyethylene glycol for biotechnical purposes

Purification of blood serum by treatment with an aqueous extract of schungite mineral, separation and microfiltration

Study of the toxicity of plant growth regulators by the method of biotesting

Dialectic variability of the reed oatmeal song (Schoeniclus schoeniclus) under the conditions of the Lower Cave

Monitoring of natural forest fires and their consequences on the territory of the Vladimir region

Nesting population of openly spawning vorane birds of the settlements of the Vyazniki plateau and adjacent territories

Influence of PC on cerebral hemodynamics. Cerebral circulation

Nesting population of openly spawning celiac birds in Gus-Khrustalny

Analysis of the structural organization of polyribosomes formed on mRNA with factor-independent initiation, using the method of cryoelectronic tomography

Nutritional status of young people studying at a higher educational institution

Effect of PC on capillary blood flow

The influence of the training load on some indicators of free radical oxidation in the condensate of exhaled air

The main scientific directions of environmental students studying in the specialty 05.04.06

Assessment of stress level in students of VLU using the indicator of heart rate variability

Formation of soil-plant interrelations in various ecosystems of the Vladimir region

Landscape reconstruction of the territory of MI VLU

Investigation of the influence of plant growth regulators on the nitrifying and cellulosolytic activity of soils

Recreational impact on the protected areas of the Vladimir region (by the example of the Dyukinskiy reserve)

Investigation of the influence of antibiotics on the process of nitrification in small watercourses by the method of laboratory modeling

Features of landscape territorial organization of the Vladimir region (on the example of the Luhsk lowland)

Microelemental composition of soils of agrobiocenoses of the Vladimir region

Assessment of the physical condition and adaptability of students at the University

Effect of ultrasonic irradiation on the rhizogenic activity of plant objects

Restoration of the landscapes of the Manor of Count Khrapovitsky

Agroecological assessment of the effect of heavy metals in the soil-plant system

Assessment of radiation risk and health damage from radon irradiation in premises of city buildings in Vladimir

Soil-vegetative interrelations in the Klyazma River basin

Agroecological role of biohumus in agroecosystem on gray forest soil

Collection and disposal of solid domestic waste in the territory of the city of Vladimir

Analysis of the incidence of the population of the Vladimir region in the main nosologies

Ecological assessment of the decomposition of downy-pericul residues in gray-forest soils

The main scientific directions of master-biologists studying in the specialty 06.04.01

Biological properties of bacteria of the genus Salmonella, isolated from food products of animal origin

Development and application of the ELISA test system for seroconversion of cattle manheimiosis

Development of a method using PCR to detect the genome of the avian influenza virus subtype H9

Obtaining specific components for serodiagnosis of the Schmallenberg disease virus

Dependence of lipid metabolism on the time of year

Adapting opportunities for girls-schoolgirls of Vladimir who study in different types of school programs

The effect of L-acetylcysteine ​​on arresting the inflammatory process in patients with bronchopulmonary pathology

Properties of hydrolyzate of blood proteins treated with an aqueous extract of schungite mineral

Population of soil-cultivating columbol in the conditions of the multi-field crop rotation in the northeast of the Vladimir Obzole

Open-nesting Voronov Vladimir: number, spatial distribution and features of nesting.

The main scientific directions of master-biologists studying in the specialty 06.04.01

Investigation of separate capillary blood flow in students of VSU

Wastes management of industrial enterprises

Assessment of the soil pollution level in Sudogda with heavy metals and the behavior and performance of children

Ecological soil function of the source of food elements in agrocenoses

Pre-treatment of MSW filtrate

Analysis of the biodiversity of the protected areas of Colombia

Ecological monitoring of the state of the waters of the river. Klyazma

Soil-production potential of river basins in the European part of Russia using remote sensing data

Analysis of bioclimatic conditions in the European part of Russia

Estimation of the index of demographic tension in the territory of the Central Federal District of Russia

Evaluation of the reliability index of a complex for the purification of concentrated wastewater with difficult-to-oxidize organic impurities by the example of drainage water from a solid waste landfill

Development of a model of macroparameters of soil-vegetation cover conditions of agrolandscapes